So, Friday was my last day with The Associated Press bureau in Boise. The crew there gave me a really nice tribute on the AP-Idaho’s facebook page and included a link to a collection of my work. I also did a post about it on my photo blog here.

I plan to work on some personal projects and will be posting a lot more on my personal photo blog the edit.

Change is good, that’s what we tell ourselves when embarking on something new and different right? We left Boise this morning and it was a little unsettling to be making such a huge shift with so little fanfare, it felt like Coldplay should have been playing in the distance or something.

Instead, I was listening to an interview Kenny Rogers did with Diane Rehm about his new book (spoiler alert: he doesn’t write about the plastic surgery) He described how the song, The Gambler, came about (if you haven’t seen the episode of The Office where the cast sings this song you need to) and he also talked about his mom, who had worked all these different jobs when he was younger and was just the stalwart of his family. I found something very comforting about what he said:

“And my mom, I remember her going to all these jobs and she told me once, son, she said, be happy where you are.”

I am very happy and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.


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  1. Carol Shively says:

    Dear Jessie,

    The National Park Service is developing a publication on American Indians and the Civil War which will include a chapter on the Bear Creek Massacre.

    I saw your stunning photo of high school student Dan Rivas hanging ornaments on a tree to commemorate this event and am requesting your permission to use it in the book. If this is agreeble to you, I’d need it at higher resolution (300dpi) if possible. If you’ve got any other images like this, we’d like to consider them, too.

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