A national news outlet recently followed a story I did about a new Iowa law requiring university professors who teach some of the bigger courses to adopt plans to continuously improve their teaching materials. I was intrigued, considering the heavy course loads most professors already have, and it was nice to see someone else take notice.

largecourseRead the rest of the story here.


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  1. Dear karen, I had the misfortune of wniorkg for the Washington State Ecology Dept. in the 70 s when they were seeking to fund the program by a 2 cent barrel tax. When I hired on I was under the misconception that I would be involved in cleaning up oil spills. My title was Oil Spill Inspector. When I realized they were lawing people out of business, I visited the ex Coastie that was writing all of the regulations. I told him that if he was going to require such extensive measures by private businesses, that the state needed to provide a low-interest or no-interest loan to help businesses comply with their expensive requirements. His answer to me was, If they can’t cut the mustard, they don’t deserve to be in business. I regret not staying on with them to try to bring their miserable attitudes and dishonest goals to light. You were correct in that allowing any representative from the ecology folks on your property is like putting a rattlesnake in your pocket. Sincerely, Rob Lilly

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