a few things2A friend shared this video of David Brooks (nytimes columnist) speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival. There’s some really interesting theories discussed in here, but it really focuses on how we have  transformed from the JFK-ask-what-you-can-do-for-your-country type of society into one where we are predominantly focused on ourselves (facebook anyone?). You can watch the full video here.


Mary Tyler Moore1

Pioneers of Television: I don’t know if there’s ever a point in my life when I will be required to know which decade Betty White got her first acting job (1940s) or how many children Phyllis Diller had (6), but I really enjoyed this PBS show’s episode on female entertainers. I caught the end, where Tina Fey was describing how the Mary Tyler Moore show impacted her life. It reminded me a little of how I felt when reading about the struggles of early female journalists and how quickly we forget that we are almost always standing on someone’s shoulders.

Travel sites: My husband has never traveled internationally and we’ve been thinking a lot lately about where we would go first. I suggested Guatemala, where I lived for six months in 2007, or anywhere in Central America. You can see alot without spending a huge amount, depending where you go. I’d also love to see London, being  a total anglophile. His dream is to go to New Zealand, though he announced this right after we watched Peter Jackson’s latest movie, The Hobbit, so I’m not sure if this desire can be trusted. But it sure sounds as if the country is expecting us.

pinterestchecking out places to go on Pinterest

This photo project featured on CNN.com shows how people sleep, over time. I am definitely a thrasher-use-the-entire-bed type of sleeper. To be fair, our dog, a 70-pound yellow lab, claimed our bed long ago and I’m really just trying to get comfortable. In this photo gallery, a German-born photographer who is really interested in sleep and what happens to the body and mind during this time, captured images of just that. It’s an ambitious idea and I love the title of his project: “The sleep of the Beloved.”


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